About Pronatura, Inc.

Pronatura Inc., as well as NatureWorks Inc., was created in July 1984 by Dr. Peter Theiss in California. The company was originally the sole distributor of Maria Treben's book, Health Through God's Pharmacy, but later expanded to include a growing number of supplements & natural health products.

Pronatura represents the highest quality innovative European herbal and homeopathic products. For example:

In addition to the above, Pronatura Inc. has established the exclusive right to export all of the Nature Works products, as Swedish Bitters Liquid, Swedish Bitters Capsules, Swedish Herbs, Swedish Bitters Cream, Marigold Cream, Chest Rub, Flu & Cold Times, Body Essentials Silica Gel and Silica Capsules. Pronatura also offers 9 fine, assorted German Herbal Soaps, both liquid and bars, in many scents including Marigold, Lavender, Rose, etc., 18 different single, beneficial herb teas mentioned in Marie Treben's book Health Through God's Pharmacy, and 6 herbal tinctures, such as Dandelion, Greater Celandine, Sheperds Purse, Stinging Nettle, Wood Sorrel and Yarrow Tinctures.

Pronatura is proud to announce the arrival of three new brands of products from Germany: Allga San, Doliva, and PharmaTheiss Pomegranate Skin Care Products. We also now offer Amazing Herbs Black Seed dietary supplements. These unique products offer benefits to nearly all aspects of an individual's well being and are merely a compliment to the wide variety of products Pronatura offers.


When you buy from ProNatura's Online Store you are sure to get the highest quality natural health supplements and beauty products available on the internet.

Pronatura is pleased to offer it's customers product brochures and literature upon request.

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Providing Years of Exclusive Medical Recipes from Europe.

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