Original Kombucha Press Extract

Kombucha Press Extract

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Original Kombucha Press Extract
100 ml. (3.38 fl. oz.)

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Original Kombucha Press Extract
50 ml. (1.69 fl. oz.)

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Detoxify and Re-energize with Kombucha Extract

Get all the benefits of Kombucha in this extract. Promote and boost your natural health defenses with Pronatura's Original Kombucha Press Extract. When used as dietary supplement, this extract has all the benefits of Kombucha Tea in a concentrated liquid extract.

When taken daily as a dietary supplement in an overall healthy lifestyle, Kombucha Press Extract helps promote general health and well-being. Kombucha Press Extract is rich in antioxidants and probiotics, which helps to detoxify and cleanse your body.

Pronatura now brings the original Dr. Sklenar Genuine Recipe Kombucha Press Extract to the United States. Dr. Sklenar's formula has been extensively researched and has been sold in Europe for over 30 years.

Suggested Use: As a food supplement for adults, take 25 drops before meals, one to three times a day.

Ingredients: Water, alcohol (10%by volume), press extract from Kombucha cultures.

Nature's Perfect Health Care Plan

Kombucha is a health care plan that you cannot afford to be without. Harmful environmental hazards are waging a never ending battle against your health. Order Dr. Sklenar's Kombucha Press Extract from Pronatura and protect yourself with nature's perfect health care plan. Kombucha extract is a beneficial addition to your diet.

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