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Allga San Mountain Pine Rubbing Lotion

Allga San Mountain Pine Rubbing Lotion

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Item #4100
Allga San Mountain Pine Rubbing Lotion
100 ml (3.38 fl. oz.) - $7.40


Item #4101
Allga San Mountain Pine Rubbing Lotion
250 ml (8.45 fl. oz.) - $13.89


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Pleasant relief for achy nerves, joints, and legs!

Allga San Mountain Pine Rubbing Lotion (Allgauer Franzbranntwein extra stark) has become the most-used rubbing alcohol in Europe over the course of just a few years.

Allga San Mountain Pine Rubbing Lotion's pleasant cooling sensation penetrates deep into the affected tissue, invigorating sore, stressed muscles. It has been used for the medical treatment of rheumatism, disturbances of the peripheral blood circulation, sports injuries, muscle tension, cervical syndrome, and nighttime cramps of the calf.

As the only rubbing alcohol with a hypoallergenic certificate, Allga San Mountain Pine Rubbing Lotion can be used even by those suffering from allergies.


  • Invigorates sore, stressed muscles
  • Helps blood circulation
  • Helps relieve muscle tension
  • Relieves the pain of sports injuries
  • Helps relieve nighttime cramps
  • Hypoallergenic

Application: Thoroughly massage this pleasant cooling liquid into discomforted areas to penetrate deep into the affected tissue.

Made in Germany

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