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Doliva Beauty and Skin Care Products by Medipharma Cosemetics

Mediterranean Beauty & Never-ending Youthfulness
Cold-pressed Olive Oil for Beautiful, Healthy Skin

Doliva olive oil skin care products from Medipharma Cosmetics are made with extra virgin olive oil from Toscana. For centuries olive oil has been known to promote a smooth, radiant complexion, help maintain smooth, moisturized skin, and add shine to hair.

From October to January the olive harvest in Buti, Toscana on the "Strada del Olio" is running at full speed. The extra virgin olive oil won from these olives is among the purest, and specially selected for the production of Medipharma Cosmetics' Doliva olive oil skin care line. Even today the Buti olive is picked by hand, because mechanical harvesting machines could influence the quality of the oil or damage the tree.

Along with extra virgin olive oil, Doliva skin care products also contain natural ingredients like almond, avocado and wheat germ oils, vitamin E and shea butter. The fresh lemon and spicy olive scent gives it the Mediterranean essence. Independent dermatologists confirm the line's (from face cream to body balsam) skin compatibility. Using Doliva products helps make your skin healthier and more radiant.

Doliva Facial Care

Doliva Fitness Shower Doliva Body Balm

Doliva Facial Care

Supplies your dry and sensitive
skin with oil and moisture


Doliva Fitness Shower

Formulated to moisturize dry
and sensitive skin


Doliva Body Balm

Supplies dry and sensitive skin
with sufficient moisture


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Doliva Cleansing Milk Doliva Eyes Contour Gel Doliva Hand Cream

Doliva Cleansing Milk

removes make-up mildly and deeply and gently cleanses pores


Doliva Eyes Contour Gel

Moisturizing gel that reduces the wrinkles around the eyes


Doliva Hand Cream

Protects the skin against drying and makes your hand soft and smooth


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Doliva Lip Balsam Doliva Intensive Cream Doliva Fresh Balsam

Doliva Lip Balsam

Makes a barrier against the
elements to keep your lips soft


Doliva Intensive Cream

Supports the regeneration and
cell renewal of very dry skin


Doliva Fresh Balsam

Softens the skin, while
soothing and relaxing


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Doliva Cleansing Tissues Doliva Cleansing Soap Doliva Bath Salt

Doliva Cleansing Tissues

Gently cleanses and moisturizes
and is ideal for removing makeup


Doliva Cleansing Soap

Cleans your skin leaving it softer
and protects it from drying out


Doliva Bath Salt

Helps tone your skin while
easing stress and fatigue


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Doliva Lip Balm Doliva Bar Soap

Doliva Lipcarestick

Repairs dry, weathered
and cracked lips


Doliva Bar Soap

Pure olive oil soaps without preservatives or animal fats



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