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Allga San Mountain Pine Oil Products

Allga San's full line of natural products contain mountain pine oil, a medicinally active essential oil with a spicy scent, that soothes sore muscles and joints, relieves pain, stimulates blood circulation, and is anti-inflammatory. Allga San products also restrain the growth of bacteria, and have a deodorizing effect.

Allgauer Mountain region cultivates the finest pine oil in Germany. The stocks of the wild-growing Latschenkiefer in Germany are under natural protection; its cultivation was scientifically researched and developed by the Allga Pharma.

In Germany this famous and popular brand is known for 30 years as Allgäuer Latschenkiefer (Mountain Pine). For simplicity in non-German speaking nations, this brand is known as Allga San. Many customers in Europe know and love the power of the Allgäu Mountain Pine Oil. ProNatura now makes it available in the United States.

Pronatura is pleased to offer it's customers product brochures and literature upon request.

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