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Lacalut Oral Care


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Providing Years of Exclusive Medical Recipes from Europe


Dr. Sklenar Kombucha

Pomegranate Skin Care

Doliva Skin Care

Kombucha TeaPronatura now brings the original Dr. Sklenar Genuine Recipe Kombucha Tea, Press Extract & Capsules. Available for the first time in the United States. 

Pomegranate Skin CareA new line of skin care products which uses the pomegranate's natural anti-aging properties. Regular use will ensure a fresh and youthful complexion, while strengthening your skin.

Doliva The extra virgin olive oil from Toscana is among the purest, and specially selected for the production of Medipharma Cosmetic’s Doliva olive oil skin care line.

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Calendula Ointment

Allga San

Willow Herb

Calendula (Marigold) OintmentCalendula (Marigold) Ointment brings a fast relief to pain in wounds, frost bites & burns. It is excellent for Athlete's foot, rough dry skin, and baby care.

Allga SanAllga San uses the finest pine oil in Germany to create a full line of products that promotes blood circulation, addresses inflammation and pain, eases sore muscles and joints.

Small Flowered Willow Herb CapsulesSmall Flowered Willow Herb Capsules is an effective treatment for all kinds of prostate complaints from simple inflammations to infection.

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Natural Herbal Soap

Health Books

Export Items

Dr Theiss Pure Plant Oil Soaps
Dr Theiss Pure Plant Oil Soaps are made from high-quality,skin-friendly plant oils and plant extracts.

Health Through God's PharmacyPronatura Inc. was originally the sole distributor of Maria Treben's book, Health Through God's Pharmacy

Swedish BittersSwedish Bitters™ cleanses the system, promotes regularity, improves digestion, soothes and energizes.

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Providing Years of Exclusive Medical Recipes from Europe.